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Tamiji Kitigawa (1894-1989) was a Japanese painter, printmaker and educator.

Kitagawa spent many years in Mexico, and was greatly inspired by the Mexican Muralism of painters such as Diego Ribera.

He was affected by the social inequality he saw, and this would influence his work.

This may be Madonna and Child, but I don't think so. I think it's just a touching portrait of a mother and child, a subject that often featured in Kitigawa's work of this period-1960s.

There is some yellowing and foxing of the print, but nothing I think that overly detracts from this lovely image.

The frame measures approximately 55cm x 45cm.

It is signed and numbered 27/150.


Tamiji Kitigawa Original Japanese woodblock or Lithograph. c1960s.SOLD

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