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It shows a crouching or sitting person, their knees drawn up in front. This was a common stance for many of Lehmann’s sculptures.

Although it has a slightly bronzed finish, I think it’s cast iron, which Lehmann used in many pieces.

Lehmann created quite a few pieces of public art, especially around Hannover where he lived.
There’s also a public work in Bethnal Green.

It’s signed with a monogram and dated 60 for 1960. The rear has a foundry mark which I can’t quite make out.

A smallish work-19cm x 13cm.
In excellent condition and ready to hang.

I always think it’s nice to hang pieces in different mediums together. It creates a more interesting tapestry than just 2 dimensional works.

Small Cast Metal Wall Signed Wall Plaque by Kurt Lehmann SOLD

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