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I don’t come across many of these remarkable pieces.

An ‘Amoeboid’, or more commonly ‘Cloud’ coffee table designed in 1947 by Neil Morris for Morris of Glasgow, Scotland.

The table is topped by either walnut or Honduran mahogany, there’s a little debate which it is. I don’t have enough knowledge to adjudicate either way.
The chamfered edge cleverly shows off the thick layers of Canadian Birch. (I think everyone’s decided on this one).

This table was owned by one family from new, a (very generous) wedding gift. 

The condition is very good with minor marks. The legs have the usual bumps and scratches.
It has been restored at some stage and finished with a lovely glossy lacquer.

These are quite large tables, the maximum sizes are 113cm wide x 104cm deep x 49cm high. The amorphic shape makes it appear smaller.

Susan Morris, the daughter of the designer Neil Morris has stated that only 350 of these extraordinary tables were ever made.



Morris of Glasgow, 'Amoeboid' or 'Cloud' Coffee table. SOLD

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